NeoRouter client zero-config VPN on Ubuntu (HP Microserver build)

As part of the HP Microserver build: seeking to add the Microserver to my NeoRouter zero-configuration VPN I installed the Linux NeoRouter client. NeoRouter is a cross-platform zero-configuration VPN solution that securely connects Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD computers at any locations into a virtual LAN and provides a networking platform for various applications like remote desktop, shared folders and printers, offsite backup, voice & video chat, etc. NeoRouter Free features bleeding-edge technologies and is released frequently. It is 100% free for both commercial and non-commercial usage. Read on...

First off download the Linux NeoRouter Free client from their website, I opted for the 32-bit Ubuntu build, at the time of writing version 1.3.0. The client comes in a debian package which can be installed easily through the default Ubuntu gdebi package installer.

Once installed here's how to configure the NeoRouter client:

  1. Open a new terminal
  2. Run the NeoRouter client config tool: nrclientcmd
  3. Enter the IP or domain of your NeoRouter server
  4. Enter your username (unlike hamachi all clients need to login under the same username to be on the same virtual network, treat the username almost as the network name)
  5. Enter your username's password
  6. You should now be online on your NeoRouter network
  7. You now need to add your PC to the network, still within the nrclientcmd terminal type the command addcomputer 
  8. Select the machine you are on, this should be 1 and press Enter
  9. Type 1 to confirm and press Enter
  10. Done! The machine should now be visible to the other devices on the NeoRouter VPN.


  1. Will this work to connect droid devices to a Ubuntu file server through a 3G or 4G network?


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