PC audio & music to Squeezebox without the hassle

I've wanted for a while to play music / all audio from my linux PC on my Squeezeboxes, with ease. I've tried in the past to do this with BPA's Squeezebox WaveInput plugin but this route isn't for the faint hearted. It also limits the audio source just to the Squeezebox Server local machine unless you are advanced. Here is a very simple method which allows you to stream from any linux PC on your network to your Squeezebox. It relies on Video Lan Client VLC, Pulseaudio and Alsa. Here's how...

Enable Xubuntu remote desktop access with Vino VNC

Xubuntu 14.04 does not come with VNC working out of the box which is frustrating and feels like a step backwards. So here is how I enabled VNC on Xubuntu...

Dyndns no longer free...an alternative

DynDns has closed its door and support for free accounts. Try afraid.org for a free alternative dynamic dns service.

AirPlay to Linux / Ubuntu with Shairport v1.0

Linux can receive AirPlay audio using a program called Shairport that I covered over a year ago. Shairplay has since been re-written by the original developer James Laird to no longer rely on perl. The latest version is v1.0-dev here's how to get AirPlay working on Ubuntu using Shairport and iTunes to test it.

DynDns keep an active account with autologin

DynDns now requires users with free accounts to login every 30 days in order to keep their accounts... painful. Here is how to overcome the manual login using a scheduled auto-login script developed by kopf (thanks!).