Enable Xubuntu remote desktop access with Vino VNC

Xubuntu 14.04 does not come with VNC working out of the box which is frustrating and feels like a step backwards. So here is how I enabled VNC on Xubuntu...

1. Install vino the VNC server: sudo apt-get install vino-server
2. Run vino preferences: vino-preferences
3. Set them as follows:

4. Update the firewall: sudo ufw allow from any to any port 5900
5. Update the encryption requirements with dconf: sudo apt-get install dconf-editor
6. Run dconf editor: dconf-editor
7. Disable require encryption:

8. Update the session manager via enabling: Settings > Session and Startup > Application Autostart > Desktop Sharing

9. Reboot



  1. Worked well for me...I needed to leave my old laptop running Xubuntu 14.04 in a closet where I can connect via serial cable to a piece of network equipment over the weekend without driving to the office.

    One thing, you said in the instructions that all you had to do in dconf-editor was disable the encryption, but for me that step alone didn't work. I had to exactly match your dconf-editor screenshot before it worked.

  2. To get Vino for Ubuntu 14.04-1 and beyond, they've changed the repository from, "vino-server" to just plain, "vino". To pull it down from the repository type the following in terminal:

    sudo apt-get install vino -y

    If you're wondering what the "-y" is for, it means you answered "yes" to the question to download and install, makes it a bit quicker and more obvious as to your intentions.

    As you can also use the "-y" to help you do unattended download of upgrades too once you input your password. Such as "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y".

    To reboot quickly in terminal in Ubuntu use, sudo reboot ...

    Just to note, the "vino-preferences" still works as you describe. I wanted to touch base with you so you could update your blog for users that need to install this software.

  3. many thanks.

  4. For step #6, I could not find the require-encryption in the above described path in dconf-editor. But you can search for it and it is easier and faster.

  5. keeps disconnecting when i try to view with gtk-vncviewer

  6. Awesome post - worked perfectly for me after having tried and abandoned other vnc servers. Many thanks!