Ubuntu: Sound-juicer enable missing MP3 codec profile

Sound-juicer on Ubuntu 10.04 does not have lame for gstreamer included as standard hence the MP3 profile is not available out of the box. The required gstreamer lame mp3 plug in does not exist as a dependency for sound-juicer or in the standard synaptic repository. To enable the MP3 profile in sound-juicer, the underlying gstreamer lame mp3 plug is required. To install the gstreamer lame mp3 plug in from the default synaptic repository use:

sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse

Ubuntu: Install makemkv and update simply

MakeMKV is software to convert blu-ray and dvd to mkv, whilst it is in development it is currently free as shareware for Linux. As a consequence it updates every other month and you have to install and update it manually. You will occasionally need grab a new licence key for the shareware version which is avaiable from the MakeMKV forums. I started to write my own script to download, install and keep up to date MakeMKV. However, after getting my own script to work I found this far more elegant solution that I wanted to share. All kudos to Jeff Bower at ebower.com...

FTPS Limit issues with TLS / SSL 3.X and PROT P (Filezilla error 534 and ProFTPd)

I use ProFTPd as my FTP server which I occasionally run externally to let friends grab files from my home server and to upload content to when I'm away from home. I opt to encrypt both the command and data channels using explicit FTP over TLS and posted about setting this up last year getting ProFTPd working with TLS / SSL. In trying to create a more limited user account with only read only access to a limited number of shared directories I hit a challenge in allowing the user to list the content of the directories when TLS was in place, receiving the error 534 Unwilling to accept security parameters. Here's my solution...