Customise Ubuntu 12.04 and Gnome 3.x with Gnome Extensions

GNOME Shell extensions are small pieces of code written by third party developers that modify the way GNOME works. (If you are familiar with Chrome Extensions or Firefox Addons, GNOME Shell extensions are similar to them.) You can find and install GNOME Shell extensions using

Support for installing extensions from the website was first added in GNOME 3.2, so if you are using GNOME 3.0, you'll need to upgrade to a newer Linux distribution. You can check what version of GNOME is installed on your system using the "System Information" panel of "System Settings". If you are using GNOME 3.2 or newer and installation still doesn't work, check to make sure that the "GNOME Shell Integration" plugin is installed and enabled in your browser preferences. Read on for my favourite extensions...

SSH & Screen: Cheat sheet & tips for use with the command line (CLI)

My cheat sheet for SSH and screen...

SSH is a network protocol for secure data communication, remote shell services or command execution and other secure network services between two networked computers.

Screen is an application that can be used to run multiple virtual terminal consoles. It allows a user to access multiple separate terminal sessions inside a single terminal window or remote (SSH) terminal session.