Adobe Flash install under Ubuntu from Synaptic package manager

Adobe Flash at the moment is constantly under fire with security exploits and hence fixes to keep it patched. With the constant stream of security updates I'm keen to ensure my Ubuntu boxes run with the most recent stable. Adobe Flash builds. The easiest way to install Flash is via the Debian package however, this has the disadvantage that Adobe won't be managed under the Synaptic package maanger and updates will not be automatically downloaded and installed. With this in mind I opted to install Adobe through the Synpatic package manager in Ubunutu. Here's how to do it, read on...

This is based on Ubuntu 10.04 but should be similar for other builds:

In Ubuntu goto:

  • System 
  • > Synaptic Package Manager 
  • > Settings 
  • > Software Sources 
  • > Other Software 

Then check: yourbuildname partner

Then: Close > Close > Reload

Then mark for installed: adobe-flashplugin

Then: Apply > Apply


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