Get BBC iPlayer working on Logitech Media Server with Squeezebox Touch & Classic

Getting BBC iPlayer to work on Logitech Squeezebox has not been simple in the last 18 months due to BBC's ongoing changes to their iPlayer infrastructure. Here's how I have it working as of February 2012 on a Logitech Squeezebox Plus and Logitech Squeezebox Classic, read on...

This is based on using Ubuntu and Logitech Media Server 7.7.3. The latest versions are:

BBC iPlayer from Triode v1.3.1alpha3
BBC iPlayer Extras from bpa v 1.8
New from utgg


1. Remove old versions

If you have older versions of the BBC iPlayer (before version v1.3.1alpha3) or BBC iPlayer Extras (before version v1.8) plugins, or you want to reinstalled these plugins, or remove even newer plugins (such as those used in the DASH solution), these need to be removed first. 

- Go to the Settings, Plugins page on the LMS GUI.
- Untick the plugins you want to remove (i.e. 'disable' them).
- If the plugins were installed by using 'Additional Repositories' near the bottom of the page, delete the repository URLs.
- Restart LMS. 
- Refresh the Settings, Plugins page.

2. Install updated 'alpha' version of Triode's BBC iPlayer plugin - version v1.3.1alpha3 (latest on 31st March 2015 incorporating many improvements over alpha2)

- Go to the Settings, Plugins page on the LMS GUI.
- Go to 'Additional Repositories' near the bottom. If this is not available, there should be an option to enable third party plugins. Tick this, and press 'Apply' at bottom right.
- Add the following line to the list of additional repositories:

- Press 'Apply' at bottom right.
- Restart LMS.
- You should now find that either the new BBCiPlayer plugin is now already available and installed, or there is a box you can tick near the bottom of the plugins list (under "Triode's Squeezecenter Plugins (Test Versions)") to make it available on the next LMS restart. If the latter, tick it and restart LMS.

3. Install updated file to fix a problem with BBC iPlayer "Listen Again" (BBC iPlayer Extras works without this patch).

See for the patched file There is currently no automated way of updating this file. You therefore have to replace this file in the BBCiPlayer folder. On ubuntu linux this is can be done as:

sudo cd /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cache/InstalledPlugins/Plugins/BBCiPlayer/



sudo chown squeezeboxserver

sudo chmod -x

For other platforms you need to to find the file. Before replacing the file you should stop LMS. In all cases you need to check that the access rights for the file are the same as for other files in the same folder (so that LMS can run it). It is regrettably not possible to give detailed instructions here given the (wonderful) variety of platforms LMS runs on. Once updated, restart LMS.

4. Install updated version of bpa's BBC iPlayer Extras plugin - version v1.8

Repeat the instructions in step 1 except use the repository below, and ensure that the BBC iPlayer Extras plugin version 1.8 is selected and installed.

The plugin will either be installed straight away after a restart, or you need to tick it against "bpa's Squeezecenter Plugins Short". 

This method of listening to On Demand streams usually provides a better quality stream for Radio 3.

5. Restart Logitech Media Server

sudo service logitechmediaserver restart

Kudos goes to PasTim and utgg for their guides, plus bpa and Triode for the plugins / apps.


Original guide

XML Parser (utgg)


  1. Will it work on a duet?

  2. > Will it work on a duet?

    Happy and relieved to say yes, it will. (Leastways, it works on my Duet fine.)

    The only issue that I've found since is that the various station logos don't load any more - eg, the Radio 6 Music logo is specified as
    but that file doesn't exist. There may be a way to fix this, but I've been too lazy to look into it so far!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Once again another struggle with the Squeezebox. Problems yesterday with Spotify... today BBC listen again. returns the dreaded "Error: No items found in playlist"

    Radio Touch and Squeezeplay.

    Running on a Mac server. LMS 7.9.0

    Any help?

  5. Actually it only seems to be on Radio 4 fm. Others seem to play 'listen again streams' just fine.
    Nobody mentioned that Spotify must only be installed on either LMS or my squeezebox. If on both a conflict seems to block the app!