Do Not Track - a system to avoid having your online actions monitored

The do not track header (DNT) is a proposed HTTP header field that would request a web application to disable their tracking of a user. The "Do Not Track" header was originally proposed in 2009 by researchers Christopher Soghoian, Sid Stamm, and Dan Kaminsky. It is currently being standardized by the W3C. At current Chrome from Google does not have an option to enable DNT without a 3rd party extension lets hope that changes soon.

Currently, websites are not legally-required to comply with do not track requests, neither by law, nor by broad social consensus, and therefore, very few websites recognize and respect this privacy signal. Again lets hope DNT or another privacy approach is enacted in the near future to protect the public from being tracked.

Check your DNT status here:

A chrome extension to implement DNT:

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