Ubuntu: 12.04 Precise Pangolin Where are print screen / screenshots saved? missing dialog prompt?

Previously under Ubuntu 11.10 & Gnome when I pressed print screen 'PrtSc' on my keyboard to take a screenshot, it worked It presented a prompt and asked where to save the screenshot. 

Now I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 still with Gnome, hitting PrtSc makes the  screen flash as if a screenshot has been taken but I get no save prompt or dialog. The screenshots don't appear to save to my desktop (where they previously had) whilst using Unity I do get a print screen prompt. Odd.

Q. Where has the print screen prompt gone and more importantly where are my screenshots?...

It turns out that  Ubuntu 12.04 automatically saves screenshots in my the My Pictures folder. Under Gnome there's no longer meant to be a prompt asking where to save... you can follow the story (bug?!) here , even Mark Shuttleworth has chimed in about the feature:

Thanks to the original advice, source: http://askubuntu.com/questions/118573/where-is-the-print-screen-dialogue

That fixed (i.e. I at least know where the files are saved), the screenshots I am capturing of VLC's menus are not working I only get lovely clear screen shots of my desktop - this is some issue with the way that VLC renders no doubt. Ideally I don't want to have to swap to an alternative screenshot package... to solve this is my next challenge.

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