Logitechmediaserver LMS enable the CDplayer plugin on a Ubuntu server

To enable the LMS logitechmediaserver cd player plugin by BPA:

1. Install cdda2wav which is required to ensure that the cd can be extracted to a wav file for LMS to play the stream

sudo apt-get install cdda2wav

If your version of linux does not have cdda2wav use icedax

2. [OPTIONAL - Install icedac - this wasn't critical on Ubuntu 16.40]

sudo apt-get install icedax

3. [OPTIONAL - In case you need to use icedax and not cdda2wav then, link icedax to cdda2wav 

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/icedax /usr/bin/cdda2wav

4. Unmount your cdrom drive incase it is in use by another program

sudo umount /dev/cdrom

5. Check that cdda2wav is working

cdda2wav -D /dev/sr0 -verbose-level=toc -N -g -J

6. Install the cdplayer plugin in LMS via the web interface > Settings > Plugins

6.1 Add the BPA additional repository:


6.2 Apply the repository, maybe restart LMS

sudo service logitechmediaserver restart

6.3 Enable the cdplayer plugin from web interface Settings > Plugins > BPA section, check CDplayer and click apply

6.4 Restart LMS

sudo service logitechmediaserver restart

7. Configure the plugin, from the web interface > Settings > Plugins > Active section > CDplayer > Settings

7.1 Check the device mine was /dev/cdrom this could also be /dev/dvd or /dev/sr0 or /dev/srX where is X is the number of the cd/dvd drive

8. 1. Give the squeezeboxserver user permissions to access to the cdrom drive

sudo usermod -a -G cdrom squeezeboxserver

9. One last restart of LMS for luck

sudo service logitechmediaserver restart

10. Play a CD from the LMS web interface Home > Extras > CDplayer